Armchair Theonomy

Study photoIn the ancient world, a world which was by no means as primitive as we sometimes like to think, the scientific study of the heavens was known as Astrology. Then, gradually, this term began to be associated with what orthodox scientists regarded as the lunatic element of star-gazing, the art which saw in the position of the stars and planets at a given moment signs of good or bad fortune for human beings. Feeling that this denigrated their scientific method, those who applied observation and reason to the stars and suns of space left the predictors to get on with things, left them with the term “Astrology” and renamed the scientific side of things “Astronomy.”
I am not passing judgment either way on the rights and wrongs of astrology, indeed I am not qualified to do so. I mention the above purely as a reference to reported history, and because I believe that the time has come to make a similar change with regard to the use of the term “Theology.” Theology, in my view, has become discredited by ignoring observation and reason in favour of sometimes very convoluted ways of making the “facts” fit the doctrine. We need to move towards a much more scientific and empirical way of looking at the claims of religion, and to do that we first need to abandon the use of the term “Theology” replace it with something else. I suggest “THEONOMY” The farcical reasoning of many theologians in the past has meant that the discipline is so discredited that only by adopting a new name, and accepting the separation from the past that such a change implies, can there be any hope of acceptance. Starting with an open mind and working from the evidence to a conclusion is not an easy path, but it is a very rewarding one.

—Taken from
from the article, Duality in the Gospels

What started off as a blog on the subject of Christianity has evolved into something that explores the idea of   While I do tend to post a lot about Christianity, I do try to explore other realms of Theonomy. Below you will find a list of the latest articles from that blog.

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